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4th August 2011

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A Modest Proposal

Here’s a gruesome thought: given the squeamishness of industrialized democracies in carrying out capital punishment (with the possible exception of Texas, but I haven’t visited Texas myself so I can’t personally vouch for the fact that it is indeed both industrialized and democratic), happy, healthy, and wealthy industrialized democracies could export their problem citizens to less savory nation-states where life is cheap and few if any compunctions exist for taking human life. 

We have already seen the outsourcing of torture with the use of extraordinary renditions. It has been the practice of the US in the War on Terror to nab people off the street in nation-states that don’t cooperate with US demands for extradition, and to send them to less-than-savory nation-states to be interrogated by less-than-savory police forces with few compunctions in the use of force to obtain information.

With extraordinary rendition as the model, poor nation-states with few resources and little infrastructure could set themselves up in business killing the unwanted citizens of wealthy nation-states. All it would take is an airstrip somewhere in the middle of nowhere, and a “welcoming committee” with AK-47s or even machetes (the latter would be cheaper as they don’t require bullets).

Once the kinks were worked out of the system, the capital punishment entrepreneur could move to discounts on mass death, as well as offering special services for those nation-states and prescribe special conditions for the execution of their citizens.

What would an entrepreneur of capital punishment charge per death? How much is a life worth? How much is the end of a life worth?

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